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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  April 1, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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else injured. the same style robbery happened nine more times the next three hours. the robbers sometimes threatened victims with a gun and they are targeting black and hispanic males. because it happened so close to the howard campus, students that study here late at night are understandably nervous. >> i would be really nervous if i'm up there studying and some guy comes in there. >> another kid got jumped a couple of days ago. you have to hope it doesn't happen to you. >> reporter: one big problem is that students often prop open the doors of the buildings late at night so others can get in and work on projects. they are being asked not to do that. look around and if you see anything suspicious, call university polic >> makes ense. roz plater live in northwest. a u.s. army soldier in maryland pleaded guilty to running a brothel from his apartment. craig cory admits he ran a sex
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and drug trafficking business from this building. in the plea agreement he confessed to recruiting a 16- year-old girl and other women to sell sex. he admitted to using craigslist and my space to recruit the women. d.c. police believe they know the identity of a fourth suspect that got away after a drive by on south capitol tuesday night. among those in custody, a 14- year-old with a long rap sheet. paul wagner is live in the newsroom working that story. >> reporter: law enforcement sources say the fourth person is not only a suspect in the drive by but is a suspect in the murder of jordan howe. the reason for the back and forth street war that left so many dead and wounded. when jordan howe was gunned down, police took one of the suspected gunman in custody, 19- year-old sanquan carte but based on witness accounts, investigators were certain two others were involved, carter's brother orlando and a third man
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so far unidentified. sources say investigators now believe the unidentified man was in the van tuesday night on south capitol street armed with a gun. what has angered many in the police department is the fact that investigators thought they had enough evidence to charge orlando carter with the muder. prosecutors disagreed. privately many said if carter was locked up, the drive by wouldn't have happened. wednesday night d.c. police chief cathy lanier answered questions about the controversy. >> i'm a poce officer. i will be frustrated when i can't take somebody off the street when i want to take him off the street. we work with the u.s. attorney's office every day. we closed a lot of cases, murder cases. we will have differens of opinion. that's not uncommon that we have a difference of opinion. the important thing is that all of us have to work together. >> reporter: the u.s. attorney's office released a statement that reads in part:
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investigators believe the retaliatory shootings began over what was thought to be a tolen gold colored bracelet. police say sanquan carter thought jordan howe stole it but it was taken for safe keeping by a woman that turned it over to police. >> this may be delving too ep but are there conversation with sanquan carter being charged with the jordan howe murder. >> san queen has been charged and orlando has been charged. orlando has been charged in the murder of jordan howe but they believe three people were
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involved and the fourth person that we mentioned tonight that they believe is in the van they believe that person is a suspect in the murder of jordan howe. two are charged and possibly now a third. >> what is the difference then. why now and not a week ago? >> reporter: good question. the police department will say they believe it was the exact same evidence that they used to charge orlando carter in the murder of jordan howe. the u.s. attorney's office disagrees. they say there is new evidence based on what they saw in the drive-by shooting tuesday night, the u.s. of the ak-47 and other evidence they believe made the case against orlando carter stronger to charge him with the murder of jordan howe. >> sad irony. that's for sure. paul wagner live in the newsroom. these are the faces of two of the victims in the shooting, devaughn boyd and right she will jones. both were killed -- right she
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brishell jones. we have more information at did you fill it out? your census form was supposed to be in the mail today. fox 5 tom fitzgerald found out how much of your tax dollars the federal government is spending to count heads. >> reporter: a big number. 14.7billion tax dollars. there is a lot of questions about the 2.5 super bowl ad, the 340 million-dollar marketing campaign but they say that pales in comparison to the dollars at stake. you might know april first as april fool's day. once every 10 years it's census day. >> it's short. fill it out and mail it back. >> reporter: bob groves, the man in charge hit ben's chili
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bowl reminding that no joke, april 1st is when you should mail in your census form. >> once every 10 years we count ourselves on this day. >> reporter: this rallyt freedom plaza served as a simultaneous pep rally and reminder. further up pennsylvania avenue, the family that lives in a house in the 1600 block released this photo of the obama family census form being sent out. it will also help unemployment numbers. >> i have seen reports that the census bureau hired thousands of folks. there are factors that we will see in the report. >> reporter: it costs $14.7 billion to conduct. $450billion in federal funds are given out based on its results. they are used todetermine the size and shape of your congressional district. there is one sizable group, illegal immgrants that are a big challenge. >> they are still unsure, will this hurt me.
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>> reporter: the census administrator for the mid- atlantic states is trying to spread the message that census information can't be used against you. >> we don't ask about citizenship. we don't need to know. we don't want to know. that's not our job. >> reporter: so far 52% oall census forms that were mailed out have been filled out. getting the other 48% will be the center of attention for the census the next eight months. >> okay. here is the time line. you have about two weeks to send in the forms. if you do not send it back in, you can expect a visit from a census worker in the next few months. we will try to assist you in filling out the forms. april fool's day joke didn't go over well with pepco. an internet web site claimed the company was going green and switching to wind and solar energy. a news release went out that
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said rate increases wane canceled. pepco claims the claims are false, which is perhaps the other half of the joke. the hits keep coming for pope benedict xvi and the catholic church. tonight victims say they have proof the vatican new about it. the push for organ donation goes viral.
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the hits keecoming for pope benedict xvi and the catholic church. cardinals lash out at the media on this holy thursday. seven spb has more. >> a -- shawn yancy has more. >> reporter: the vatican is accused of covering up the sexual abuse of 200 dave boys at the hand of a priest named father lawrence murphy. the pope who was a cardinal at the time did not defrock father
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murphy. it began in the 1950s, years before the vatican claims it learned about the abuse. >> i think had the church found out about it in the '60s and '70s and did nothing bit, that would be a damning story. but they didn't find out about it until 1996 when you talk about a sick old man. >> reporter: the victims say they have proof the vatican knew. they have a letter dating back to 1963 written to pope paul the sixth, written from a priest who wrote about what he called priestly casualties. in an unusually harsh attack, the church heavily criticized the "new york times" for its coverage of the scandal. in maryland, swine has killed a person up in baltimore. the first swine flu death in maryland since february. 150 vaccinations clinics are free to anyone. swine flu is making a come back
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across the south. starting mday, maryland will open the free clinics across the state. the harlem globetrotters are good pranksters. still ahead the team is in town and have jokes for unsuspecting victims. 
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if you have a red heart on your driver's license, you are an organ donor. they are turning to new tools to boost the number of donors. if anybody can convince you, it's the people you are about to meet. >> who is your big sister. >> kiley. >> she watches over you. >> reporter: 4-year-old kensy never had a chance to meet her big sister. kiley died of sids when she was three months old. her parents got the call asking
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to donate the organs. >> we thought how can we not give another family the opportunity to be with their baby. >> reporter: the decision is not as straightforward for many people. >> over 106,000 people are waiting for an organ transplant in the united states. 18 of them die every day. the number of people, especially in this area that are registered to be donors is low. >> reporter: the percentage of people registered as organ donors in virginia is almost twice as great as it is across the river in d.c. but now there is a new campaign designed to change that and boost organ donation across the country. the washington regional transplant community launched 30 days of videos on you tube. >> medi-vac'd to the hospital and he died. >> reporter: there are stories of organ donors and recipients.
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bobby heheay's is one of those. she received a transplant in 2006. >> i felt so good. it's a special feeling with transplant. you appreciate things you didn't appreciate before that you took for granted. i am blessed. >> for kiley's situation, she died of sids. there is no cure, no reason. her organs went to medical research. i hope one day in eithe my lifetime or kiley's little sister there will be a cure and kiley will help save other bies. >> reporter: another way for kiley to live on. in virginia, beth parker, fox 5 news. >> if you want to see more of the videos, visit wicked weather bringing another dose of bad weather. in lake toho, it's nothing a
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lot. that is from yesterday. in the sierra mountains, be prepared for any weather pattern mother nature serves up. abetter picture around here. live outside, warm, sunny, it feels like spring. you can see the cherry blossoms down there. and the tourists are taking it all in. sue palka is mixing it up throwing in elbows and getting the best views possible. how does it look. >> i sharpened my elbows before i came down. everybody is great. i got to tell you, i've never seen it so crowded. passover, easter a lot of people in town for this. we are calling it the perfect storm of cherry blossoms. they are fully out. they were considered at peak yesterday. i'm actually seeing some of the pedals come off. i would see them sooner rather than later. this weekend and through the early part of next week ought to be fntastic. after that they willbe
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affected by wind and rain. we don't have much of either of those in the forecast. it's delightful. check out the people on the paddle boats. are you having a good time out there? a lot of work? you can reserve the paddle boats which is a great idea if you come down to the tidal basin. we have folks sitting all the way down along the basin. they are watching the ducks and the paddle boaters. hi, guys. lots of kids. i have to show you the -- two of the cutest sisters i have seen. what is your name. >> melissa. >> rachel. >> melissa, as you can see is a birthday girl today. how old are you. >> 6. >> is this part of your birthday present to see the cherry blossoms. >> no, not really. >> i love your necklaces. can you tell me about those. >> we got them at the smithsonian museum of natural history. they show you are best friend. you need to give a lesson to my
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two daughters. they wouldn't have done that. happy birthday to you, melissa. i hope you are having a good time. are you having a good time, too. >> yeah. >> where are you from. >> rockville. >> good. how about you folks over here. where are you from. >> chicago. >> chicago. welcome to washington. >> it's packed down here and it's sensational. i have seen it many years and i never get tired. gary, you are up next at the tidal basin and i'll do the maps. for the first time in a long time being by the tidal basin, i'm not as cold as i typically apparently -- apparently. >> being by the water it can cool things down. reagan national 17 -- 17?
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72 degrees. dulles is 78. you get away from the water and it can warm up. dulles was up to 8 i-70 right now. there is annapolis. this is 59 degrees now. it was up in the 60s. now down to the 50s. it will be that way tomorrow. leonard town 68 degrees. then across the bay temperatures will be in the mid- 60s. i should tell you if you are heading out to the shore this weekend, temperatures are only going to be in the 60s because there will be onshore flow. don't expect to go to the beaches and be in the 70s and 80s. that won't happen. berkeley, west virginia, 80 degrees. back to the west you get into the core of the warmer weather. saturday 80 degrees for us. gorgeous out there. a little cooler for easter sunday. not bad. a couple of clouds. temperature about 77 degrees. overnight tonight in the city,
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52. chantilly 48. gaithersburg 46. bowie around 47 degrees. annapolis you may touch 70 but generally speaking i think you will be in the 50s, 60s near the water. 77 in d.c. we are warm the next several days here. this is a nice run for this holiday weekend. your good friday will be real, real nice. monday 79 degrees. tuesday 79 as well. back over to brian. there is the forecast. >> all right. looks fantastic. dave feldman is coming up next in sports. o of the nfl's best running backs -- do an april fool's day first. this is prankster's day to shine. rocket river from harlem globetrotters at the gallery place location today. he had members dong all kind of exercises before he revealed his real identity. >> i had them believing me for
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a while. then i ripped off my warm up and they saw i was a globetrotter. i gave them free tickets. >> everyone in the class is invited to a globetrotters game april 10th. they will be at the patriot center that day. one of the best running backs of yesteryear is trying to regain his old form.
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>> good evening, i'm dave
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feldman. the redskins will hold a private work out with clauson in south bend april 15th. running back larry johnson spoke to reporters today for the first time since signing with the skins last month. he finished last season with cincy. it was the off the field issues and 6 1/2 seasons at kc threaten his career. he insulted fans and questioned the competency of the coach, todd hailey. now he's a red skin. >> i don't say a fresh start. so many fresh starts. this is like i am just going into a different era of my own. coming in here and being here and trying to work as hard as you can to impress the coaches and see where it goes from there. i wouldn't say it's a fresh start. bein30, your fresh starts are gone. >> good point.
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physically they are nothing alike. they certainly don't talk the same way. maryland's. [ inaudible ] will be forever linked after this afternoon. the basketball hall of fame announced the maryland guard won the bob cuzy award given to the top point guard in the country. vasquez is a senior from venezuela. he averaged 19 points, six assists and four boards per game. he has an ncaa tournament berth. >> we will have the chance to trade anything, i trade the player of the year trophy and award, no disrespect to that, but to be playing in the final four, that's how much that mes to me. and go and watch the game will be an unbelievable feeling. >> nats taking on the mets in port st. lucie. big day for josh welling ham. this cuts a 3-0 mets lead to 3-
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2. tied at 3. untie it. a shot to the center. gary matthews can't get it off the wall. two runs will score. the nats go on to win 9-3 is the final. back to the skins for a final moment. albert haynesworth received a check from washington today. $21million part of his bonus guarantee. must be nice. the check was for 21 million. >> no april fool's joke there. >> no. >> now you have the news edge. news is always on back at 10:00. news edge at 11:00. hope you will be, too. hi. i'm jim perdue.
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